I’m here to help you make your dreams come true.

I’m Ciara, a copywriter for service-based business owners

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I like to dream big

I always have.

My big dream?

To live life on my own terms, be my own boss, and take over the world (just kidding.Kinda).

So that’s why I said “see ya” to a life of 9–5 academia to get working on making my dream a reality.

I help you get more clients and make more money from your copy so that you can build the business and life of your dreams – minus the overwhelm & stress.

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Your words are powerful – let’s get them working

for you.


Hey, hi, hello!

I’m Ciara! I’m originally from Scotland and I now live in Brussels, Belgium, with my husband and our little cat.

When I’m not eating waffles and exploring the cocktail bars, food markets and interior decorating shops of Brussels, I’m writing website copy for my clients, recording my podcast, and teaching students in my online copywriting courses. My favourite part of my business? Helping amazing service-based entrepreneurs make their business dreams a reality by harnessing the power of their WORDS.

My path towards being a copywriter for service-based businesses didn’t start out the way some might think it should. My background is in archaeology (not marketing – see the pictures to prove it!) and so I spent most of my late teens/early twenties learning all about past human life, ancient cultures and how to find buried treasure. I didn’t realise it as much at the time, but I was slowly developing the sort of skills in communication – writing, analysing text, teaching, trying to get people to keep reading beyond the headline of a research paper – that are actually pretty useful for a copywriter.

Fast forward to January 2018 when I submitted my PhD and landed an academic editing job, and I had started to yearn for more. More creativity, more fun, more freedom, more flexibility. I wanted to help people with their messaging, their communication – and I wanted to be able to work from anywhere.

So, in September 2018, I left that life and the security of a 9–5 to ‘start my own business’. At first, it wasn’t easy. In fact, it was pretty hard. There were a lot of days of ugly crying and feelings of hopelessness. But I put my head down, I read, I watched, I studied: I learned the copywriting skills that can make the difference between having a bursting calendar and hearing only crickets for months on end. I dove head first into the world of copywriting for businesses…and I was hooked.


In no time at all, I was a complete ‘copywriting convert’ and I’ve made it my mission to help other people like you and me – the ones who have big dreams and big ambitions – realise how effective, zingy, client-focused, conversion copywriting can transform their businesses.

Now, I get to live the life I always dreamed of: working from anywhere, living in Brussels with my husband and cat, eating my body weight in waffles, and being free to do what I love, on my own terms and timescale – and that’s what I want for you, too. Because I truly believe that if you have the dream and the drive and the sheer I-came-to-slay determination, then you deserve to get to where you want to be. And I love getting to be a part of this, to be your cheerleader, your guide, your supporter, not just your copywriter.

I’ve developed a working process whereby we shift the focus of your messaging and marketing (your WORDS) onto your ideal client so that the copy you have on your website speaks directly to them, draws them in, and has them clicking ‘contact’ faster than you can say “where’s my waffle?”. By doing this, your words have the ability to land you more clients than ever before – and not just ‘ideal’ ones, I’m talking DREAM clients – and to allow you to grow and scale your business so that those dreams you had for it when you started, the ones that keep you going? They start becoming a reality.

I write website copy for my clients, teach people how to do it themselves, and coach others through refining their own messaging and content creation strategies. To sum it up? I help people like you make your biggest business (and life) dreams a reality by getting your words making you money and bringing in more of your dream clients so that your business can THRIVE.

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These are a few of my favourite things…

  • Cats – I am a cat lady and proud of it. I’m not ashamed to admit that if I see something with a cat design on it (especially black cats) it’s either going in my basket or I’ve already got it.

  • Drinking fancy cocktails and champagne – OK, this doesn't happen every night (and not even every week), but if you want to be friends then bringing me an extra-sour margarita or a glass of chilled champagne will just about do it.

  • Reading – When I was younger, I used to read a book in just a couple of days. I read so fast that my mum used to think I was pretending to read the books. This speed-reading skill has come in handy over the years but it does have its downsides: I spend a lot of my money on books that only last me a few days!

  • My husband (cue soppy music) – but, hey, it’s true. We’ve been together since I was 16 and so we’ve faced a lot together. He’s my number one supporter, cheerleader and enabler. I’m so glad I followed him home from school on the bus (creepy? romantic? following my intuition?).

  • Eating, cooking + baking – I love food. In fact, the only things I love more than food are the items listed above this one. Eating it, cooking it, baking it – yes please, I’m there. If I wasn’t a copywriter, I’d probably open up a little cake shop/tea room or attempt to be the next Ina Garten and do it for a living.


I believe that we all have the ability to create + live the life we want to. I help you do this by maximising your chances of business success. How? By making sure your copywriting is effective, zingy, and ideal-client focused. Why? Because this is what will transform your business. This is what will generate leads, conversions and clients –

your words.


How I help my clients



Make sure that your website copy is speaking directly to your ideal client so that your words make you more money + get you more clients. Leave it all to me – and get ready to (re)launch quickly and start seeing results fast with my done-for-you website copywriting.



Stop with the uncertainty and anxiety that your marketing messaging is falling flat. Say sayonara to the worry that your ideal clients are turned off by your chat. Get personalised feedback, reviews + tips from me by scheduling a copy coaching call.



Sometimes a gal’s just got to bootstrap (no judgement here). Learn how to speak to your ideal client through your website copy and learn how to Write your Site in my course. Get results fast with my instantaneously downloadable (like magic) digital products and templates.