SELECTED Client case studies

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We’re All Creative – an online platform and community for creative women.

Roxanne McClaren, the founder of a new online platform and community for creative women called ‘We’re All Creative’, approached me for help with the website copy for her landing page and homepage. Roxanne was struggling with how to say what she wanted to say in a way that would represent her brand and connect with her audience.

I wanted my launch for my new platform, We’re All Creative, to be big, meaning I was willing to seek help from people who are good at the things I’m not good at. It’s very hard for me to get my thoughts down on paper so that people can understand exactly what I mean.

The first step I took was to get a detailed understanding of Roxanne and of the platform itself: who it was for, what the mission behind it was, what it would include, what the bigger plans for it were. Based on the information Roxanne gave me, I worked on identifying Roxanne’s ideal audience and creating their story. Doing this helps me to understand exactly what this audience is searching for and needs to hear. I then came up with headlines, blurbs and other copy elements that drew from this ideal audience, using language that I thought would resonate with them.

Ciara’s ability to take minimal direction and go full force was exceptional. All I had to do was point out where I needed the help on my site, what I had written as a draft, and what I wanted it to transform into.

Roxanne and I had a back and forth communication during the process. This was ideal because it enabled us to ensure that the copy elements were exactly as she wanted them. I was able to share all of my ideas and she could pick the ones she liked best. Working like this allows a flexible, friendly and personal vibe which I think is important in such a creative process. It also ensures that Roxanne’s own voice is not hidden in the copy.

I couldn’t figure out how to say exactly what I wanted to say. Ciara was able to take words out of my head that I didn’t even know were there! This was so helpful when it came to the homepage of my new site. That’s where you grab people and I think we killed it.

La Petite Écolière – a clothing brand with a difference

Roberta Lindal, the founder of La Petite Écolière, approached me for help with revamping the entire copy for the brand’s website. Roberta currently runs the business on the side of her full-time job and she didn’t have the time or resources to commit to really thinking about copy and consistency.

I would love to run my business full-time and I know how important copy is to achieving the sales I need to get there, but between all of my other commitments and things I’m doing to grow my business, copy took a backseat.

The first step I took was to get a detailed understanding of the brand: who it was for, what the mission behind it was, what the bigger plans for it were. Roberta and I spoke on a call and we delved deep into her why behind the brand, her bigger mission and what drove her to start the business. Based on the information she gave me, I worked on identifying and clarifying La Petite Écolière’s ideal audience, drawing on previous customer feedback and reviews, and creating their story. I also created a customer survey for her to send out to her existing email list as a way of generating more research into the demographic and psychographic characteristics of her customer base.

I was really struggling with finding a consistent brand voice and being able to address my different customer groups, for example, young academics purchasing products for themselves, or mothers/fathers buying clothing for their daughters.

With a deep sense of clarity on the brand’s identity and that of its ideal audience, I begin to create brand new copy for the website pages. I also created new product descriptions that aligned with the brand voice and identity we wanted to portray.

Ciara helped me create a consistent voice, came up with different headlines, and wrote copy for product pages that are age appropriate and that speak directly to my different customer groups. She was also a huge help in looking at my competitors and brands I admire to make really helpful suggestions to my copy and website structure.

Roberta and I had a back and forth, collaborative communication over the course of the project. Working like this ensures that the entire process is a collaborative effort and that Roberta’s ideas for her business and brand were not ignored.

I now have a website that is beautifully laid out, with consistent product pages and messaging. I wouldn’t have been able to address this without Ciara’s help. She was extremely receptive to feedback and getting the voice right through iterating and suggesting different ideas. For two people who live in different time zones, I feel we had the right balance of phone calls and emails!
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