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Clarity, strategy, and so-zingy-it-stings copy for your brand.

Ciara Gigleux copywriter and brand strategist Brussels

Tell me if i’m wrong…

You are a driven, ambitious, big hearted solopreneur. You have BIG dreams and the drive to make them come true.

You know how you want to scale your business and you’re itching to see progress. You are juggling all of the tasks, handling all of the things, But it’s getting difficult – and scary. You launched your programme and nobody is getting in touch. You spend hours creating content and you engage hard but you still hear crickets when you post. You have an amazing looking website, but no one is buying or booking an appointment.

And here’s the thing: you’ve tried everything.

You’ve bought the courses, watched the videos, listened to the podcasts, downloaded a million freebies, all promising you the holy grail, secret sauce, magical thing that is going to help you get clients, increase your sales and grow your business.

One guru says you should do X, another says to do Y, another says to do Z.

You’ve tried them all.

It hasn’t worked. It’s not working.

And how are you feeling? Overwhelmed. Scared. Frustrated. Tired. Lost. Stuck.

You feel like you’re going around in circles, trying one thing, then the next, then the next. You feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster – and you’re starting to feel like it’s time to get off. You don’t know if you can do this anymore – you feel like giving in.

But there is another way.

There is a magical, secret sauce, holy grail thing that you’re missing. One simple little thing that can turn all of this around – it’s you.

All of these freebies, tips, strategies, courses – the reason they aren’t working is because they aren’t personalised to you. They are cookie-cutter, one size-fits-all approaches. Sure, maybe they worked for that guru – but your business is not a carbon copy of theirs. And your ideal client is not the exact same as theirs. Your why is not the same as theirs. You are not the same person as them. So why would their strategy work for you?

It can’t.

What you need is a strategy that is completely aligned with who you are. A strategy that is drawn from your ideal client, your brand identity, your why, your dreams. A strategy that is sustainable. A strategy that is unique and authentically you.

You need to craft your own brand identity – a cohesive, coherent brand identity and voice that you can take and run with. You need to have your own plan – a plan for how to show up to your clients in the way you want and need to. You need to have your own strategy – a strategy for building your brand on your terms, using your words, your voice, your ideas.

You need an expert to help you understand what you need to say, how to say it, where to say it.

Someone to help you clarify who you are as a brand and who you're trying to reach.

Someone who can take the words you have in your head and turn them into copy that is impactful and zingy.

Someone who can help you craft a personalised, completely aligned to you strategy for putting everything together to start achieving your goals and building your brand.

Someone like me.

The process

Ciara Gigleux Brand Strategist
Ciara Gigleux copywriter
Ciara Gigleux copywriter and brand strategist

Week 0: Pre-work Workbook

You receive your pre-work workbook which has short worksheets for you to fill out before we begin our calls.

You know the horror stories you’ve heard about people who pay for copywriting and then get generic words that sound nothing like them? This step avoids that. Filling in this workbook lets me see where you are with each aspect and what you want to say to your clients so that I can dig deeper and find the gold inside.

Week 1: Clarity Call 1

In the first of our clarity calls, we start at the beginning: with you. We dive deep into:

  • Your why

  • Your mission

  • Your niche

  • Your USP

  • Your brand voice

Doing this will help you get clear on your business’s place in the world. It will help us both see how we can carve out your own space so that your brand can stand out from the crowd and be truly aligned to you.

This means that you won’t start to feel lost 2 months down the line because you’re spending all your time doing things you think you should be doing but don’t actually want to be doing. Working through these things together will ensure that your brand is yours – it’s completely aligned to who you are as a person and what sort of brand you want to be.

Week 2: Clarity Call 2

In the second of our clarity calls, we shift our focus to the main character of the story: your ideal client. We dive deep into:

  • Who you are targeting

  • What they want

  • What problems they have

We go so deep into who this person is because this is the key aspect that will allow you to realise 1) who you are actually helping with your business and 2) what they are looking for. This means that you escape falling into the trap of thinking that as long as you know your ideal client’s name and favourite colour of shoe, you can craft a brand identity that speaks to them. Because TRUTH BOMB: that is not the case.

Going deep into these things together will ensure that you and I are both deeply knowledgeable about your ideal client – you need this so you can resonate with them in everything you say and do in your business; I need this so that I can help you see what you need to be saying to them to get them to listen.

Week 3: Clarity Call 3

In our final clarity call, we go even further into your ideal client’s story. We get crystal clear on:

  • Where your ideal client is currently

  • Where your ideal client wants to be

  • How you show up as the helper to get them there

Thinking about how your ideal client is feeling now and thinking about how they want to be feeling will enable you to see how you show up and help them achieve this transformation. Not only will this be the main building blocks that we then work from when moving onto the other steps of our work together, but you will finally see how you fit into their story.

This step helps you move away from the imposter syndrome that is still holding you back from showing up like you need to. You will have the confidence to be that person because now you truly understand that what you’re offering is needed – and you’re going to be itching to start shouting it from the rooftops.

Week 4: Pre-Copy Call

This is when we turn our attention to your website copy. I’ll ask you to think about any particular facts, stories, anecdotes or information you want to be included on your:

  • Homepage

  • About page

  • Services page

  • Contact page

This is to ensure that your website copy represents you. Your voice will not be lost because all of the copy that I create is coming directly from you – you have the words in your head, you know what you want to say to your ideal clients, you know why what you’re offering is exactly what they need. My job is to get those words out of your head and onto the page, in a way that is zingy and punchy.

Weeks 4–6: Copy Creation

I take 2 weeks to write the copy for your website, working from our call notes, our conversations and my own analysis of how best to say what you want to say.

I use my expertise as a copywriter and brand strategist to figure out how to present your brand identity and story to your ideal clients in a way that is clear and impactful. I see the copy from an objective, educated point of view. I step into your ideal client’s shoes and think about what they would need to hear from you – what will really resonate with them, what will make them ‘click’ and think that you’re the one for them.

All of this is drawn from you and from the deep sense of clarity that we both now have on your brand identity and voice, your ideal client and your place in the world.

Week 6: Copy Review and Edit Call

In our 6th week, I send you the editable Google Doc with all of your website copy in it to review. I also send you a PDF mockup of your copy, so that you can see exactly what it could look and flow like on your website.

  • We have a call where we discuss the copy – what you love, what you want more of, what you’d like to tweak.

  • I then make any edits to the copy, honing it to match your vision and your voice.

This isn’t just done-for-you copy. This is a collaborative process because this is your business and your voice – I am simply helping you identify and hone your voice and giving you the tools you need to fly.

Week 7: Content Strategy Call

In our 7th week, we go deep into how you can position yourself as the go-to for your clients in a way that is fully aligned with you.

  • We work out what your brand pillars and content buckets are – what you want to be sharing and talking about to position yourself as an authority in what you do.

  • We work out what platforms you want and need to use, based on your own preferences and where your ideal clients are spending their time.

  • We come up with a personalised, sustainable strategy for your social media (with a focus on Instagram) that aligns with your brand identity – a strategy that will help you build a loyal audience of fans and generate leads for your business via social media.

We figure out how you can be showing up to your ideal clients and audience in a way that shows them that you are the one for them. We figure out a plan so that you can cut the overwhelm, the agonising over what to post – the goal is to be yourself. We identify and hone your voice so that all of the content you share and how you present yourself on social media is 100% you.

Week 8: Business Strategy Call

In our 8th and final week, we’ll dive into your business goals.

  • We identify a primary actionable goal and realistic timeline for achieving this, and we come up with a plan of action for making that goal a reality.

  • We then come up with a more long-term strategy that is focused on working your way towards and achieving the other, bigger goals of your business that move you towards building the brand of your dreams.

Throughout all of this, we work from a place of clarity – clarity on your ideal client and what they need; clarity on your brand identity and your bigger purpose. We come up with a business strategy that is sustainable, realistic and derived from you. This is so you can finally stop hopping from strategy to strategy trying to find one that fits perfectly – this is your own custom, couture strategy. It fits like a glove.


Final Deliverables

At the end of the 8 weeks, you will get:

  • Your Brand Bible

    • This PDF booklet contains everything we’ve covered during the clarity calls, presented in one place, tied up with a virtual bow.

    • This will be the bible you refer back to whenever you need a reminder of your brand story and identity, so that the voice we have now honed comes through in everything you do and say in your business.

  • Your Website Copy

    • An editable Google Document

    • A PDF mockup and suggested layout

  • Your Content Strategy

    • This PDF booklet contains your content sharing strategy – all of the things we have discussed surrounding what you want and need to do to position yourself as the go-to for your client.

  • Your Plan of Action

    • This PDF booklet will contain your custom plan of action for achieving the first main actionable goal we identified during our business strategy call.

    • It will also contain a more long-term strategy that is focused on working your way towards and achieving the other, bigger goals of your business that move you towards building the brand of your dreams.

By the end of the 8 weeks, you’ll have:

Clarity on your brand identity and your ideal client; copy for your website that resonates with this ideal client; a content strategy to position yourself as the go-to for your client and build an audience of loyal fans; a business strategy that gives you an actionable plan for achieving your goals.

You’ll have a crystal clear understanding of your own brand and your business’s place in the world. You’ll have a strategy and a plan that derives from you – who you want and need to be to your clients. You’ll have all the tools and a solid foundation to build the brand of your dreams.

Finally, you can stop following the myriad of tips and plans that are thrown about as being “the secret to building a successful business”. You can stop feeling overwhelmed at the options and what you think you should be doing. You can get back to who you are and why you’re doing this. You now have your own customised, personalised, completely aligned with you and your ideal client plan of action. Now you can put your head down, get your blinkers on, and SLAY.

Your Investment

My 8-week, 1:1 programme costs €2000

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I thought I knew exactly what I wanted for my brand, but after being on the calls with you and the questions you were asking, I realized I wasn’t as clear as I thought. Working through this with you has helped me to get a clear idea of who my ideal client is. Our calls always give me new ideas about things I’ve never thought about! It feels like talking with a friend about my business with the difference that you understand me. It has given me a whole new clarity of what I want to do and who I want to serve. Also in some way the confidence to do so.
— Stefanie Amegore
I love that you’re helping me brainstorm and see things in different ways; it has been so useful to go into so much detail about my brand and gain clarity before having the copy written. I love the fact that you are 200% in and you are willing to do anything to see your clients happy and succeeding. There is so much value! I’ve gained so much clarity related to my ideal client, my copy, my brand from our calls. On top of all of that I really feel like you care about my business and you really want me to succeed. Thank you!
— Florentina Nastase
Ciara’s ability to take minimal direction and go full force was exceptional. I couldn’t figure out how to say exactly what I wanted to say – Ciara was able to take words out of my head that I didn’t even know were there!
— Roxanne McClaren, We're All Creative
Ciara’s feedback was absolutely wonderful! It’s always great to have a second set of eyes on my marketing material. Her notes and changes were so easy to understand! She helped me create more consistency across my site as well as portray a more professional look!
— Kelly Wittman, Witt & Co
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Don’t need the full programme?

Just looking to gain clarity on your brand? Only want a strategy for Instagram? Need to add on some additional services to your package? Something completely custom?! You need the à la carte menu.